Review: Susanne Fuß & Ute Karbach (2014). Grundlagen der Transkription. Eine praktische Einführung [Basics of Transcription. A Practical Introduction]

Thorsten Dresing, Thorsten Pehl, Christian Spengler


In "Grundlagen der Transkription" ["Basics of Transcription"], published in 2014, Susanne FUß and Ute KARBACH have gathered and analyzed recurring questions encountered in the course of their work in lecturing and transcription. Over nine chapters, which can be read in any order, they present an informed overview of the most important aspects of the transcription process in the (social) sciences. The authors have also developed a modular system of rules for transcribing. By structuring methodical decisions within the process of transcription, they are primarily offering support for scientific personnel and students new to this field. For more experienced readers, this work will provide little new insight. The book gives no references for further reading, but delivers a clear arrangement of the topic’s fundamental aspects in a style that is easily understood, along with many examples. For future editions, additional material concerning associated areas—such as how to conduct interviews, as well as a stronger grounding in the discourse of techniques used in the social sciences—would be desirable. Future editions could also benefit from a look at salient aspects that go beyond the German-speaking discourse and application, as well as references to the methodical implications and possible consequences of the choice of transcription rules on the following process of interpretation.



transcription; qualitative social research; basics; introduction


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