Conference Report: Of Football-Themed Church Services and Techno Parties in Pubs: "The Hybridization of Staged Events. On Discussions About Events During Periods of Time"

Jasmin Wittkowski, Gregor Betz


Over recent years a variety of new types of events have emerged. One of their characteristics is the deliberate mixing and combination of different cultural areas. These hybrid phenomena are what the participants focused on at the international conference "The Hybridization of Staged Events. On Discussions about Events during Periods of Time" held in Dortmund, Germany on April 8 and 9, 2016. The contributions covered conceptual and theoretical frameworks as well as historical and contemporary perspectives. A special emphasis was put on topics such as hybridization in youth cultures and the virtual space, but also on the reinterpretation of traditional rituals and occasions. Furthermore, this article aims to outline the attempt to limit the wide and diverse topic of ambiguous, mixed events, as well as the attempt to decide on a definition.



events; hybridity; modernization; social change; ethnography; sociology of knowledge


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