Review: Anja Peltzer & Angela Keppler (2015). Die soziologische Film- und Fernsehanalyse. Eine Einführung [The Sociological Analysis of Film and Television. An Introduction]

Sylka Scholz


In their book, Anja PELZER and Angela KEPPLER, experts in television studies (KEPPLER) and film analysis (PELZER) respectively, provide a coherent introduction to the methods used in sociological approaches to the analysis of media products. Using BERGER’s and LUCKMANN’s sociology of knowledge as a starting point, they develop the theory of a medial construction of reality in our contemporary, mediatized society. Their methodology is situated within the interpretative paradigm. They divide the research process into three phases: first, the development of a research method; second, the detailed analysis of the filmic material; and third, the production of the written research report. The book will be suitable for students in particular, and offers concrete advice about conducting film and television analysis, as well as how to complete a project paper. The conception of film and television analysis proposed here is set in relation to current developments within sociology, with particular regard to both the sociology of film and visual sociology and associated approaches.



sociology of film; media sociology; visual sociology


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