Review: Katrin Döveling (2005). Emotionen – Medien – Gemeinschaft. Eine kommunikationssoziologische Analyse [Emotions—Media—Society. A Communication-Sociological Analysis]

Sascha Demarmels


The goal of this book is it to take a first step in the interdisciplinary elaboration of the theory of emotions in the media. Theories of media and communication sciences are linked to theories from sociology, and pre-existing instruments are further developed. A case study involving group-specific reporting is used to test the resulting theory in practice. Methodologically, qualitative content analysis is used successfully, and both theory and practical implementation are done well. But the book shows also the boundaries of the interdisciplinary working process, present whenever the boundaries of individual knowledge are reached.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0703286


qualitative content analysis; emotions; interdisciplinarity; uses-and-gratifications approach; agenda setting; communication theory; sociology


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