Review: Sandra Gruner-Domić (2005). Latinas in Deutschland. Eine ethnologische Studie zu Migration, Fremdheit und Identität [Latinas in Germany. An Ethnological Study on Migration, Foreignness and Identity]

Julia Simonson


On the basis of biographical interviews Sandra GRUNER DOMIĆ examines the migration of Latin American women to Germany. She tries to reconstruct the actions and decisions of the women in order to make them comprehensible. She also discusses the identity of the women as Latin Americans in Germany, and their integration in personal networks. GRUNER DOMIĆ concludes that personal networks and relations play a crucial role both in the decision to migrate and in the development of identity in the new country. All in all, GRUNER DOMIĆ’s study is interesting to read and helps to fill the research gap concerning the situation of Latin American women in Germany.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0703196


migration; identity; biographical interviews; Latin American women


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