Review: Monika Streule (2018). Ethnografie urbaner Territorien. Metropolitane Urbanisierungsprozesse von Mexiko-Stadt [Ethnography of Urban Territories: Metropolitan Urbanization Processes in Mexico-City]

Nora Mariella Küttel


In her book "Ethnography of Urban Territories," Monika STREULE offers useful ideas and advice for transdisciplinary studies that are concerned with the complex conditions most often found in cities. She develops a tool box containing ethnographic and cartographic methods that are used to analyze urbanization processes in the mega metropolis Mexico-City. She encourages us to not only think of urban research more reflectively and critically, but also more innovatively. Therefore, in this article, the methodological approach in general and the used methods in particular will be discussed more thoroughly.


ethnography; transdisciplinary urban studies; Mexico-City; cartography; perceptual walk; go-alongs


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