Intercoder Agreement as a Compass in Inductive Category Formation? Experiences of a Research Group Analyzing Interview Data

Judith Becker, Franziska Moser, Maria Fleßner, Bettina Hannover


Although a cooperative approach has been repeatedly recommended by representatives of qualitative research, there is little in the literature on how to proceed such research. In this article we describe our experiences with the cooperative conduction of a summarizing qualitative content analysis and inductive category formation. The repeated calculation of intercoder agreement proved to be a good compass for continuously reflecting and adapting our research process. As a result, we recommend working in cooperative research groups, even if it requires a lot of time and transparency. We derive suggestions regarding how researchers can benefit from a collaborative approach when working with qualitative content analysis.


cooperation of the researchers; qualitative content analysis; summarizing qualitative content analysis; inductive category formation; intercoder agreement


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