Review: Paul ten Have (2004). Understanding Qualitative Research and Ethnomethodology

Charles Lee Cole


Paul TEN HAVE presents an overview of qualitative methodology approaches and compares selected approaches to ethnomethodology. TEN HAVE differentiates methods from methodology. The book offers a collection of qualitative methods but not a methodology for doing qualitative re­search. TEN HAVE defines methods as research strategies and contends that methods are central to qualitative inquiry from start to finish. The text is organized into nine chapters covering topics re­lated to ethnomethodology's perspective, methods, and research, and comparisons to ethnography and grounded theory. This review provides a com­men­tary on TEN HAVE's text for qualitative researchers. The core of the book is on ethnomethodology.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0503121


ethnomethodology; ethnography; qual­it­ative methodology; grounded theory; conversa­tional analysis

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