Literary Genres in Social Life: A Narrative, Audio-visual and Poetic Approach

Luis Felipe González Gutiérrez


The proposal, "Literary Genres in Social Life: a Narrative, Audio-visual and Poetic Approach", attempts, by objective, to present/display to the academic psychology community and compatible social science disciplines the main contributions of literary genre theory through a social constructionist understanding of narrations and daily stories, and by means of an interactive construction of narrative collage. This work, sustained by an investigation financed by the University Santo Tomás in Bogota, Colombia, "Understanding of structuralist literary theories in the development of the narrative 'I' within the social constructionist approach", tries to propose alternative spaces for the presentation of its investigative results through the expression of metaphors, visual narrative sequences and interactive artistic forms, which invite the spectator to share in and to include/understand important concepts in the consolidation of social forms of construction of the quotidian.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802373


literary genres; social constructionism; self-narration; structuralism; literary theories


Copyright (c) 2008 Luis Felipe González Gutiérrez

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