Aesthetically Pleasing, but it's (not) Research: Responding Poetically to a Question of Methodology

Sarah K. MacKenzie


Moving across the textual landscape of a (re)membered moment of finding myself a "researcher on the margins," I seek to engage in collective dialogue through a poetic rendering of process and response. Through the motions of present, poetic, and performative epistemologies I seek to create openings where multiple voices might begin to shift or disrupt the meanings of (re)search, inviting us to embrace the possibility in what we have been and what we might be(come). As words and space perform upon the page, room exists for interpretation—inviting multiple voices to enter into an improvisational performance through the messy work of (un)knowing.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802537


performativity; poststructuralism; poetic inquiry; dialogue; epistemology

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