Review: Gabriele Rosenthal (2005). Interpretative Sozialforschung. Eine Einführung [Interpretative Social Research: An Introduction]

Matthias Kötter


"Interpretative Sozialforschung. Eine Einführung" ["Interpretative social research: An Introduction"] by Gabriele ROSENTHAL introduces the methods of and background to interpretative social research. The author describes the roots of interpretative social research, including the work of the Chicago School, of the early "Verstehende Soziologie" in Germany and Austria, and of grounded theory methodology. ROSENTHAL presents participant observation and narrative interviews as the main methods of interpretative social research. Although she also talks about case reconstruction, qualitative content analysis, and other relevant forms of analysis, the book's focus on biographical research—the author's area of interest—means the overall picture appears incomplete .
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802216


interpretative research; biographical research; narrative Interview; participant observation; methods of social research


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