Review: Carlos Kölbl (2004). Geschichtsbewußtsein im Jugendalter. Grundzüge einer Entwicklungspsychologie historischer Sinnbildung [Historical Consciousness in Adolescence. Groundwork for a Psychology of the Development of Historical Perceptiveness]

Wilhelm Schwendemann


This book contains an empirical study of adolescents' historical perceptiveness and thus offers evidence contrary to the common stereotype that adolescents possess little, if any, consciousness of the past. A range of perception-forming models can be constructed and these can collectively be seen to represent a modern and postmodern historical consciousness. Using the methods of Grounded Theory, the author presents the reader with new perspectives on documented group interviews from the perspective of developmental/psychological hermeneutics according to WYGOTSKI and also takes into account adolescents' historical self-portraits.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0802320


historical consciousness; historical perceptiveness; psychology of development; genetic structuralism; narrative competence; grounded theory methodology; reconstructive social research; empirical research; group discussion


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