Review Essay: After the Aftermath: A Reply to Wolff-Michael Roth's Review of Harry F. Wolcott's "Sneaky Kid and Its Aftermath" published in FQS 5(1)

Kara M. Strobel


This article is written in response to Wolff-Michael ROTH's review of Harry F. WOLCOTT's Sneaky Kid and Its Aftermath, which offers an account of events initiated by an earlier work by WOLCOTT—"Adequate Schools and Inadequate Education; The Life History of a Sneaky Kid." Originally designed to examine the distinctions between schooling and education, the study later became a catalyst for discussion on every aspect of qualitative research. This article examines some of the reviews of the book, focusing on three key ethical issues (power, intimacy, and discretion), followed by a closer look at ROTH's review in particular. Finally, a brief alternative review is presented.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs050364


ethnography; research ethics; field­work; intimacy; discretion; power

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