Review Essay: Who and in What Ways Can Collaborate in Organizational Research?

Maaja Vadi


Collaborative research looks for true partnership between researchers and members of the business society. The book reviewed below combines the efforts of 35 contributors seeking to open up the field and illustrate collaborative research in the Swedish context in the last decade. The present review analyzes the book from the perspectives of innovation, academic rigor, and technical realization. It introduces many innovative aspects in management studies and creates aspirations to follow new paths. It also meets the academic traditions and expectations set for the technical presentation of studies, while showing that the role of shared values and critical attitude is somewhat underestimated in the book. The reviewer makes an attempt to show the role played by values in the process of the exchange of resources between academics and practitioners.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs050128


organizational collaborative research; innovation; academic rigor; shared values

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