Kenneth Gergen: "Old-Stream" Psychology Will Disappear With the Dinosaurs!

Peter Mattes, Ernst Schraube


This conversation discusses the episte­mology of social constructionism—theory, method, praxis—in relation with traditional psychology. The first part of the conversation deals with the places and forms of social constructionist thought and with the limits of the traditional positivistic episte­mology of psychology. The next part of the con­versation focuses on issues of social construct­ion­ist methodology and on the role of social relation­ships for an adequate understanding of human beings. The last part of the conversation illumi­nates the relationship between university struc­tures and scientific knowledge as well as possible futures for academic psychology.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0403275


epistemology of psychology; mind-world dualism; methodology; performative psychology; positivism; postmodernism; self; social relationship; social constructionism; theoretical psychology; traditional psychology; qualitative methods


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