Maya Nadig: Constructions Arise in Active Involvement: This Is Why We Are Not Just Victims Slain and Cloned to Something Colorless by the Dominant Culture in the Process of Globalizing Itself

Wolfgang Hegener


In an interview conducted in autumn 1998 (and revised for this publication by the interviewee), Maya NADIG describes how she became an ethnologist and psychoanalyst. She reflects on her early ethnopsychoanalytical research in Mexico and in the Zurich Oberland (Switzerland) and on the role of counter transference in the research process. Epistemological issues play a central role in the conversation: Maya NADIG pleads for a constructionist perspective in psychoanalysis and in the social sciences that would help overcome the constraints of traditional modes of thought and thought categories.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0403362


ethnopsychoanalysis; plural identities; counter transference; constructionism; motherhood


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