Review: Jane Ritchie & Jane Lewis (Eds.) (2003). Qualitative Research Practice. A Guide for Social Science Students and Researchers

Kathrin Ruhl


This textbook, edited by Jane RITCHIE and Jane LEWIS, is meant for both students and researchers, but because it primarily presents basic knowledge it is more suitable for students. It is intended to lead practitioners through the process of qualitative research, i.e. from the design of a study, conducting of in-depth interviews and analysis of data to the presentation of results. The authors impart in a professional way both broad theoretical knowledge and practice-oriented information. They do not provide the reader with an overview of qualitative methods, but focus on in-depth interviews and so-called focus groups.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0403213


qualitative research theory; sampling; in-depth interviews; focus groups; qualitative analysis; establishing typologies; presenting data


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