Review: Janice M. Morse & Lyn Richards (2002). Readme First for a User's Guide to Qualitative Methods

Iain Lang


This book is thorough and thoughtful in its treatment of the basic elements of qualitative research. Writing for an audience whose mem­bers have yet to undertake any research of their own, the authors focus on the holistic nature of qualitative research projects, emphasizing the importance of making congruent the processes of research design, making and analyzing data, and abstracting from them. The book is an excellent primer on qualitative research, but given that there are a number of other such books around, choos­ing between them is likely to be done on the basis of personal preference: choose this one if you would like to, or are happy to, learn about NVivo software and how to work with this in planning and conducting your research.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0401285


qualitative thinking; introduction to qualitative research; NVivo; Caqdas; methodological congruence

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