Review: Lindsay Prior (2003). Using Documents in Social Research

Yew-Jin Lee


"Using Documents in Social Research" is an introductory text promoting and introducing documentary research from a sociological per­spective. Two principles guide the readers of this book; documents as receptacles of content and as full-fledged agents participating in human activity. Its main strategy suggested for documentary re­search—following documents in use—is exempli­fied with numerous examples drawn from scientific or medical disciplines. The usefulness of this book is explored by using a defunct scientific publication known as the InfoMemo that once played a histori­cal role in salmonid enhancement in British Co­lum­bia. It is also suggested that cultural-historical activity theory can provide a coherent and synthet­ic theoretical framework for documen­tary research with added advantages. All things considered, the book will be valuable for beginning social re­searchers working with documentary materials.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0401151


documentary research; cultural-his­tori­cal activity theory; InfoMemo

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