Review: Claudia Rademacher & Peter Wiechens (Eds.) (2000). Verstehen und Kritik. Soziologische Suchbewegungen nach dem Ende der Gewissheiten. Festschrift für Rolf Eickelpasch [Understanding and Critique. Sociological Enquiries After the End of Certainties. Festschrift for Rolf Eickelpasch]

Daniel Osterwalder


In "Verstehen und Kritik" various authors attempt to find different opportunities and ways to analyze and describe the complexity of the world at large. The parting from the general views (e.g. of MARX or WEBER) leads to a juxtaposition of different theoretical perspectives. The contributions published in "Verstehen und Kritik" examine several methods and theories that reveal the differences and the possible commonalties e.g. between the work of the "Frankfurter Institut für Sozialforschung" and the studies of Pierre BOURDIEU. The sociological argumentation about culture, poverty, illness, environment and ethics is convincing.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0401354


qualititative research; philosophy of science; information and communication technologies; environmental administration; popular culture; cultural studies; formal ethics; structuralism; Frankfurter Schule; Bourdieu


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