The Problem of Controlling One's Emotions in Nursing Education. An Examination of How to Deal With the Feelings of Disgust Among 3rd Year Nursing Students

Hiltrud Krey


This contribution deals with a topic discussed in the science of nursing as well as in the everyday life of the nursing staff. However, in view of the changing technology and economy in the field of nursing, the problem of controlling one's emotions, particularly of controlling feelings of disgust, has become increasingly absent as a topic of discussion. The main concern of the present research work is to describe the origin of one's feelings of disgust—a subject considered taboo from the perspectives of the nursing students. The author examines the theoretical background of the problem of controlling one's emotions, and elaborates that by permanently repressing negative feelings students can develop inner conflicts. The results of the empirical research show that these inner conflicts can influence patient care in a negative way and can possibly lead to avoiding patient contact, this profession and making a different choice.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs040181


emotion; controlling one's emotion; nursing; nursing education; disgust; data collection; method; interview pattern; data analysis


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