Boundaries and Relationships in Homelessness Work: Lola, an Agency Manager

Tom Wengraf


The professional is also a human being. This paper explores the complementary and con­tra­dictory relation between biography and vocation in the history of a nurse who became a social work manager, as revealed in a biographic-narrative interview. It touches on the difficulties of providing insights to the interviewee in the form of feedback in a case-study paper of this kind, interpreting this difficulty through the concept of 'defended sub­jectivity', and on the theory-in-use in social work and professional training.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0401132


professional; perspective; biography; vocation; boundary-maintenance; defended self; holistic care; clients; BNIM; relationships; feed­back; conditionality; theory-in-use

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