Review Essay: Convincing Doubts instead of Doubtful Persuasions—An Understanding Perspective on Hermeneutical Police Research

Anja Mensching


A few years ago qualitative police research started to experience an increasing popularity in the German social sciences. The large number of questions and methodical perspectives achieved, however, are contrasted by a lack of methodological discussion. With their book on so-called "hermeneutical police research" (going back to a 2001 conference of the Domestic Safety Board—a network of scientists in this field—AKIS [Arbeitskreis Innere Sicherheit]), Jo REICHERTZ and Norbert SCHRÖER make a valuable contribution to improve the situation. Their intention is not only to present their hermeneutical, knowledge-based sociological position and to describe their current empirical results in a condensed manner, but also to combine them with other academic scholars' critical statements on police and policing, who, in part, hold varying opinions on this field of research. This book is of interest to those who feel enthusiastic about methodological discussions or who are interested in the results of a hermeneutical police research group in Essen (Germany). Furthermore, this book is an extremely positive example of scientific (self)-reflection.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0303165


qualitative social research; sociology of knowledge; hermeneutical police research


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