Review: Helga Kotthoff (Ed.) (2002). Kultur(en) im Gespräch [Culture(s) in Conversation]

Matthias Otten


Much of the theoretical and empirical research on intercultural communication in Germany emerges at the disciplinary edges of Linguistics, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology or Educational Studies. The book "Kultur(en) im Gespräch"—translated roughly as Culture(s) in Conversation—edited by Helga KOTTHOFF, covers a wide range of theoretical and methodical approaches to the analysis of intercultural conversation and discourse. Most of the contributions refer to concepts of Socio-Linguistics and Linguistic Anthropology. The focus on the reflection of applying qualitative research methods used in the scope of intercultural conversation and discourse analysis let this book become a source of inspiration for the own research practice.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs030345


intercultural communication; conversation analysis; socio-linguistics; linguistic anthropology


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