Review: Klaus Antons, Andreas Amann, Gisela Clausen, Oliver König & Karl Schattenhofer (2001). Gruppenprozesse verstehen. Gruppendynamische Forschung und Praxis [Understanding Group Processes. Group Dynamics—Research and Practice]

Michael B. Buchholz


The review discusses a book about qualitative research in group dynamics. The book describes the processes of two training groups through their transcriptions—evaluating them, on the one hand, with qualitative methods and, on the other, with therapeutic concepts. Both views confront each other in a productive way through the researchers' reflections upon each other's process. By way of these all-encompassing reflections, transparency is reached into what "understanding" means in such complex settings. This enormous endeavour succeeds convincingly; nonetheless, some problems are raised by the reviewer.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs030227


group dynamics; qualitative research; objective hermeneutics


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