Review: Harald Welzer (Ed.) (1999). Auf den Trümmern der Geschichte: Gespräche mit Raul Hilberg, Hans Mommsen und Zygmunt Bauman [On the Ruins of History: Discourses with Raul Hilberg, Hans Mommsen and Zygmunt Bauman]

Wilhelm Schwendemann


Three (social) scientists who research the holocaust discuss their lives, their work and, especially, their motivation and personal interest in studying the holocaust in search of new insights. Their lives and work, therefore, are closely woven together. Both revolve around the central question: How can the holocaust best be described and understood and how we can account for its having happened? The editor, Harald WELZER, succeeds in crystallizing the issue using memory and biographically oriented interviews. Only the interviews are reported in this book, however, leaving it to the reader to reconstruct and interpret the events.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0302216


biographically-based and memory-based interviews; history recording; annihilation of the Jews; holocaust research; development of civilization; the modern era; modernity


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