Thematic Drawing and Focused, Episodic Interview upon the Drawing—A Method in Order to Approach to the Children's Point of View on Movement, Play and Sports at School

Peter Kuhn


This article follows the steps of a qualitative research project from an initial interest to the results. The research project "What children moves" intends to find out children's wishes and ideas concerning moving-, playing- and sports-activities at school. The method of data collection is a combination of thematic drawing and focused, episodic interview. The subject for the drawing—"These are my wishes for classroom lessons, for the schoolyard and for physical education lessons within a Moving School"—is connected with an adapted kind of "Three Wishes Free" instruction. The children are asked to draw one picture for each of the school related areas mentioned above. Some days after having handed in their drawings, the children are interviewed. The drawings and the transcripts of the interviews pass a special kind of qualitative analysis. The drawing sample comprises 395 children from the 2nd to the 6th grade. The interview comprises contents from 64 children out of the drawing sample, 32 girls and 32 boys.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs030187


child; childhood research; moving school; elementary school; children's drawing; interview; children's point of view; qualitative social research


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