Review: Matthias Postel (2001). Internet und Fernsehen – Vom asynchronen zum synchronen Content bei Live-Events [Internet and Television—From Asynchronous to Synchronous Content in Live Televised Events]

Martin Wysterski


In order to transfer additional information together with television pictures and make them accessible to the user, what technical facilities are actually necessary? This interesting question follows Matthias POSTEL in his study "Internet and Television." He introduces the reader to the topic and then structures his model of "semantic content allocation" in an understandable way for the layperson. The model is not, as yet, practical due to missing technical facilities and this conclusion, leads POSTEL to the development of a transition model. The resultant model is not so practical either, but it would create an important intermediate step in connecting television and the Internet.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0204509


Internet; television; synchronous and asynchronous transmission; convergence of media; live events; semantic content allocation


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