The Integration of Qualitative Data Analysis Software in Research Strategies: Resistances and Possibilities

Sylvain Bourdon


Even though dedicated qualitative data analysis programs have been widely available for more than a decade, their use is still relatively limited compared with their full potential. The proportion of research projects relying on them appears to be steadily increasing but very few researchers are known to fully exploit their capabilities. After commenting on the dynamics of user's adoption of technological innovations, this article presents an instance where a qualitative analysis program suite (QSR NVivo and QSR NVivo Merge) was not only used as an ad-hoc appendage to a traditional strategy but fully integrated in the research project, insisting on the practical details pertaining to the use of the software's capabilities. It discusses how this integration can facilitate collaborative teamwork and open the exploration of analytic dimensions difficult to envision without it.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0202118


qualitative analysis; computer-aided analysis; methodological innovation; QSR Nvivo; QSR NVivo merge

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