New Techniques in Qualitative Conversation Analysis: Computer-based Transcription of Videoconferences

Marc Körschen, Jessica Pohl, Walter Schmitz, Olaf A. Schulte


Only recently has the analysis of video-mediated communication taken a conversational approach, with some encouraging results as far as the main problems are characteristics of communicating via videoconferencing systems is concerned. There are, however, some major methodical problems concerning the process of transcribing. Conventional ways of transcribing conversations are not suitable for a videoconferencing environment because the main features (delay between two sites, visual information etc.) are not covered adequately using traditional instruments of transcription (HIAT, SyncWRITER). Computer-mediated transcription offers advantages for transcription as well as analysis.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0202198


video conferencing; conversation analysis; transcription


Copyright (c) 2002 Marc Körschen, Jessica Pohl, Walter Schmitz, Olaf A. Schulte

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