Processing of Verbal Data and Knowledge Representation by GABEK®-WinRelan®

Josef Zelger, Andreas Oberprantacher


Diffuse as well as specific information is not solely found in organizations, but it also sprawls all over the Internet. In our article we will show how scattered linguistic knowledge can be selected, processed and structured with the aid of the software WinRelan to promote a holistic understanding of complex social phenomena and to facilitate decision-making that is accepted and supported by those concerned. Based on this problem-oriented background the method GABEK (GAnzheitliche BEwältigung von Komplexität—holistic processing of complexity, © Josef Zelger, Innsbruck, 1990-2002) was developed and implemented in the software program WinRelan (Windows Relation Analysis © Josef Zelger, Innsbruck).1WinRelan was developed for GABEK-applications by Josef SCHÖNEGGER and Josef ZELGER, Innsbruck 1991—2002. WinRelan facilitates the analysis of large unstructured and controversial everyday language data samples. Automated, computerized steps of data processing are accompanied by the semantic work of the researcher. WinRelan offers different PC-supported operations, whereby each of these procedures leads to the integration and linkage of the multi layered distributed knowledge of the people concerned. Results are conceptual knowledge systems, empirical generalizations, cognitive concepts, causal assumptions and value systems in the form of hierarchically ordered text groups, association graphs, evaluation profiles, cause-effect structures, relevance lists, etc. The procedure is applied in theory construction as well as for the purpose of providing orientation and in preparing decision processes in organizations.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0202272


Gabek; WinRelan; knowledge organization; qualitative research; qualitative approaches; qualitative methodologies; organizational culture

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Copyright (c) 2002 Josef Zelger, Andreas Oberprantacher

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