Using Qualitative Methods in Franchise Research—An Application in Understanding the Franchised Entrepreneurs' Motivations

Claire Gauzente


Until now the research on franchising has been lacking in France. However, France was one of the first European countries to develop numerous franchise units. The focus of this text is on the selection process of franchise as narrated by 21 franchised entrepreneurs. Previous franchising research indicates that qualitative studies are not sufficiently used in this field. Therefore, it was decided to interview franchisees in order to better understand how and why people choose franchise rather than other forms of business. Two different methods were used for analysis: thematic content analysis and statistical textual analysis. In comparison to the findings from past research, the results provide insights on the reasons for choosing franchise.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0201208


franchise research; franchised entrepreneur; motivation; statistical textual analysis; content analysis

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