Review: Kristin Gisbert (2001). Geschlecht und Studienwahl. Biographische Analysen geschlechtstypischer und -untypischer Bildungswege [Gender and the Choice of Discipline. Biographical Studies of Gender Typical and Atypical Careers]

Angela Kaupp


GISBERT offers an analysis of the biographical factors that lead students to choose either male-dominated or female-dominated university courses. This comprehensive work, which uses a developmental psychological approach, investigates eight individual cases. By means of biographical interviews and additional data collected during the period of study, GISBERT is able to show that identity-shaping factors that determine a gender-specific choice of academic subject are formed at an early age, for example, through certain structures of family interaction.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0201247


biographical studies; qualitative research; choice of academic course subject; identity formation; gender roles; fields of interest; gender types


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