Review: Mike Sandbothe & Winfried Marotzki (Eds.) (2000). Subjektivität und Öffentlichkeit. Kulturwissenschaftliche Grundlagenprobleme virtueller Welten [Subjectivity and the Public. Basic Problems from Virtual Worlds for Cultural Sciences]

Christian Swertz


The book contains English and German contributions, which analyze the Internet from the cultural science perspective; the contributors include SANDBOTHE, MAROTZKI, DREYFUS, WELSCH, POSTER, KRÄMER, SØBY, LØVLIE, ESPOSITO, GIMMLER, BRUCKMAN and SCHACHTNER. Media philosophy is discussed as well as theories of identity, self, and public. The contributions highlight the possibilities brought to our culture by the Internet and are helpful for understanding the Net.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0201119


media philosophy; media; virtual reality; Internet; self; identity; public


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