Profession-related Communication Using Mailing Lists: A Qualitative Empirical Analysis of Mailing List Postings During the Development of a Server for Art Educators

Georg Peez


E-mail discussion groups are often formed and utilized for work-related communication independent of time and location. Not only the respected members belonging to their professions use this opportunity for communicative exchange, but also those in some ways related to the profession, like students or professionals in associated fields. The variety and influence of this type of professionally oriented communication is new, widely unknown, and so far almost unexplored. Important research questions are: What forms of communication appear on professionally oriented mailing lists? Which of these specific distinguishing characteristics have an influence on the development of the profession in general? These questions are considered in a case study which analyzes sequences of communication on a mailing list for art educators. Striking characteristics are noted relating to this group of professionals.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs010234


mailing list; profession-related research; sequence analysis; online research; computer-based communication; art; art education


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