Review: Promotionskolleg "Kinder und Kindheiten im Spannungsfeld gesellschaftlicher Modernisierung" (Ed.) (2006). Kinderwelten und institutionelle Arrangements [Children's Worlds and Institutional Settings—The Modernization of Childhood]

Werner Reichmann


"Children's Worlds and Institutional Settings" is a collection of papers that follow an approach called "New Sociology of Childhood" (MATTHEWS, 2007). Researchers who take this approach regard children as competent actors who are able to construct and handle their own world. The topics and methods used are very heterogeneous but have in common that they all examine children's strategies and social constructions in institutional settings. The book is the product of a well organized postgraduate school in Germany.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0803273


sociology of children; childhood; ethnography; postgraduate school


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