Review: Elfriede Löchel & Insa Härtel (Eds.) (2006). Verwicklungen. Psychoanalyse und Wissenschaft [Entanglements. Psychoanalysis and Science]

Leyla Ciragan, Sandra Da Rin


This review outlines a number of questions that arise from the preface of this book, the answers to which we seek through analysis of the contributions. A stark contradiction (or conflict) is present: Whereas the claim of the preface is that the contents of the book show and discuss the entanglements of the researcher with his or her object, all contributions seem to be avoiding exactly this discussion. Why has this discrepancy arisen? We explore some entanglements that are not discussed in this book but that are essential to the relationship between psychoanalysis and science: entanglements involving society, power and sovereignty within psychoanalytic and academic knowledge, and the processes which lead to these things.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs080341


epistemology; psychoanalysis; cultural studies; literary studies; methodology; subjectivity; self-reflexivity


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