Review Essay: Two Sides of a Methodological Coin?

Sabrina Böhmer


In this book Reinhold SACKMANN reviews the theoretical standing of life-course research and biographical analysis. The book offers differing perspectives on this research and analysis that are at an appropriate level for advanced students.
Given the immense development in methods used to study the life course and analyses of biography SACKMANN attempts to present a broad spectrum of biographical themes: age, education, work, family, romantic relationships, health issues, and finances. However, SACKMANN falls short in discussing biographical methods. Instead of discussing methods SACKMANN offers a detailed survey of a number of perspectives regarding individual human affairs.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs080354


heuristic tool-box; social age; lifetime; biographical concept; education; work; family; romantic relationships; health; finances


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