Review: Anne Waldschmidt & Werner Schneider (Eds.) (2007). Disability Studies, Kultursoziologie und Soziologie der Behinderung [Disability Studies, Cultural Sociology and the Sociology of Disability: Explorations of a New Research Field]

Lisa Pfahl


This book contains 13 articles and gives an overview of German disability studies in relation to theory, research perspectives and research results. It contains theoretical approaches to the theory of disability and introduces the reader to empirical research on the body and on cultures of disability. Cross-national approaches and analyses of the social and political situation give information on the situation of people with disabilities in Germany as well as internationally. The book discusses the recent debate on the social construction of disability in German academia. It also contributes to the new Anglo-American theoretical debate about the governmentality of disabilty and, for example, problematizes findings about blindness, personal assistance and segregation within the educational system. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0803215


disability; normality; discourse analysis; Foucault; Goffman; body; social inequality; inclusion; biographical research; knowledge and power; medicine; rehabilitation; culture


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