Vol 16, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Single Contributions

Analyzing High-Profile Panel Discussion on Global Health: An Exploration with MAXQDA HTML PDF
Faith Hatani
How to do Qualitative Structural Analysis: The Qualitative Interpretation of Network Maps and Narrative Interviews HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Andreas Herz, Luisa Peters, Inga Truschkat
Contextural Analysis: Reconstructive Research in Organizational Settings HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Till Jansen, Arist von Schlippe, Werner Vogd
Let them Feed him Biscuits: Doing Fieldwork in Fiji with the Family HTML PDF
Ingrid Johnston
She Pushed Me, and I Flew: A Duoethnographical Story From Supervisors in Flight HTML PDF
Jacquie Kidd, Mary Patricia Finlayson
Strangers but for Stories: The Role of Storytelling in the Construction of Contemporary White Afrikaans-Speaking Identity in Central South Africa HTML PDF
P. Conrad Kotze, Jan K. Coetzee, Florian Elliker, Thomas S. Eberle
Researching One's Own Field. Interaction Dynamics and Methodological Challenges in the Context of Higher Education Research HTML PDF
Gerlinde Malli, Susanne Sackl-Sharif
Stimulated Recall as a Focused Approach to Action and Thought Processes of Teachers HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Roland Messmer
Interactive Interview: A Research Note HTML PDF
Simeon Mitropolitski
Methodological Considerations of and Methodical Approaches to an Intersectional Dispositive Analysis HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Stefan Paulus
Wider Consultation on Pulmonary Rehabilitation for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease HTML PDF
Frances Rapport, Hayley A. Hutchings, Sarah Wright, Marcus A. Doel, Clare Clement, Keir Lewis
To Use or Not to Use: Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software Usage among Early-Career Sociologists in Croatia HTML PDF
Petra Rodik, Jaka Primorac
Conducting Focus Groups in Terms of an Appreciation of Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Some Examples from South Africa HTML PDF
Norma Ruth Arlene Romm
Educated Girls, Absent Grooms, and Runaway Brides: Narrating Social Change in Rural Bangladesh HTML PDF
Roslyn Fraser Schoen
Becomings: Narrative Entanglements and Microsociology HTML PDF
Maria Tamboukou
Justifying the Authentic Self. Swedish Public Service Workers Talking About Work Stress HTML PDF
Elin K. Thunman, Marcus P. Persson
Focused Ethnography: A Methodological Adaptation for Social Research in Emerging Contexts HTML PDF
Sarah Wall

FQS Debate: Qualitative Research and Ethics

Doing Fieldwork on State Organizations in Democratic Settings: Ethical Issues of Research in Refugee Decision Making HTML PDF
Sule Tomkinson

FQS Reviews

Review: Udo Kuckartz (2014). Mixed Methods. Methodologie, Forschungsdesigns und Analyseverfahren [Mixed Methods. Methodology, Research Designs and Methods of Data Analysis] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Nicole Burzan
Review Essay: The Political Image in the Focus of the Socio-Cultural and Scientific Methodological Discourse HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Marc Dietrich
Review: Aglaja Przyborski & Günther Haller (Eds.) (2014). Das politische Bild Situation Room: Ein Foto – vier Analysen [The Political Image "Situation Room": One Photograph—Four Analyses] HTML (Deutsch) PDF (Deutsch)
Heike Kanter