The Spoken Language Corpus at the Linguistics Department, Göteborg University


  • Jens Allwood Göteborg University
  • Leif Grönqvist Göteborg University
  • Maria Björnberg Göteborg University
  • Elisabeth Ahlsen Göteborg University
  • Cajsa Ottesjö Göteborg University



spoken language, corpus, Göteborg, transcription standard, MSO, coding, computer tool, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis


This paper summarizes work on spoken language at the Department of Linguistics Göteborg University. In addition to describing the recordings contained in the Spoken Language Corpus of Swedish at Göteborg University, we discuss the standard of transcription (MSO) which is used in creating the transcriptions, as well as some types of quantitative and qualitative analysis that have been done. Finally, we describe the computer tools that have been developed to support transcription, coding and analysis and briefly mention some of the results which have been obtained. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs000391


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Author Biographies

Jens Allwood, Göteborg University

Jens ALLWOOD is professor of linguistics at the Department of Linguistics at Göteborg University since 1986. He is also director of the interdisciplinary cognitive science center SSKKII at the same university. His research primarily includes work in semantics and pragmatics. He is also investigating spoken language interaction from several perspectives, e.g. corpus linguistics, computer modeling of dialogue, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics as well as intercultural communication. Presently he is heading projects concerned with the semantics of spoken language phenomena, multimodal communication, cultural variation in communication and the influence of social activity on spoken language.

Leif Grönqvist, Göteborg University

Leif GRÖNQVIST, M.Sc in computing science and two years of studies in mathematics and physics, has been working at the Department of Linguistics, Göteborg University in various research projects since 1994. The latest project, "A Platform for Multimodal Spoken Language Corpora", included development of a tool for multimodal corpus studies. He has also been working at the Informatics Department in "The Internet Project" and in a small consulting company with information retrieval in large free text medical databases.

Maria Björnberg, Göteborg University

Maria BJÖRNBERG is a senior student of the master's program in computational linguistics, Göteborg University. She has worked as a part-time assistant. She has been involved in administrating the spoken language corpus, transcriptions and coding work as well as in writing manuals for coding.

Elisabeth Ahlsen, Göteborg University

Elisabeth AHLSEN is professor of neurolinguistics and has worked for many years in research involving disability and multimodal communication, both with respect to face-to-face-communication and in relation to alternative and augmentative communication using computer support. Some of her relevant research projects deal with "intermodal translation", "gestures and meaning", and "communication involving non-speaking children."

Cajsa Ottesjö, Göteborg University

Cajsa OTTESJÖ is PhD student at the Department of Linguistics, Göteborg University. She is interested in spoken language interaction, especially the use of particles in interaction.




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Allwood, J., Grönqvist, L., Björnberg, M., Ahlsen, E., & Ottesjö, C. (2000). The Spoken Language Corpus at the Linguistics Department, Göteborg University. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 1(3).



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