Provincial Archive for Oral Tradition—APTO

Christina Orsatti


In this paper I will focus on a few problems relating to the cataloguing of anthropological materials concerning the specificity of demo-ethnological and anthropological disciplines like context, confidentiality, the role of the ethnographer and the integrity of the field-work. In order to do this I will discuss the concepts of material and immaterial goods (TUCCI 1999) of objectivity and subjectivity in relation to memory and identity and verify whether the notion of cultural goods are appliable to memory and identity documentative materials (narratives etc.). Other questions I will try to face are: Whether we can consider memory and identity as objects of cultural property; The limits of this perspective; Other problems in documenting and archiving oral culture materials in relation to the identity and memory of the people.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0003140


archive; oral document; anthropology; confidentiality; context; documentation; researcher and researched methodology; organisation; paradigm of textuality

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