Figurations in Everyday-life—A Research Program for Cultural Psychology

Herbert Fitzek


With the term "figurations in everyday-life" we discuss a psychological view on behavior as derived from cultural patterns more than from individual traits. Developing methods of Gestalt and depth psychology makes it possible to break up self-evident clichés and characterize some basic configurations of everyday-life. Within a research project at the Cologne university we have explored different trends of modern life by means of depth interviews and their psychological description and reconstruction: "Girly" cultures, "soap operas", the "fitness"-cult, "Sunday neurosis", educational cultures and the like. We not only found a schedule of modern ways of living, but were also able to delineate a scheme of present-day culture as a whole.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs000289


figuration; everyday-life; cultural psychology; Gestalt Psychology; depth interview; qualitative research; present-day culture


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