The Shared Construction of Texts


  • Olaf Jensen Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut NRW



Communicating history, historical consciousness, National Socialism, intersubjective production of text, Symbolic Interactionism, Objective Hermeneutic, Hermeneutic Dialogue Analysis, Grounded Theory, qualitative content analysis, WinMax


This paper discusses methodological questions raised in the context of a multigenerational study on the historical consciousness of the national socialist past in Germany. It focuses on an often underestimated aspect, namely that communication—especially if it is about National Socialism—implies, that its contents and "results" are jointly produced by its protagonists in the course of interaction. Accordingly, the intersubjective creation of the data is considered to be a crucial issue in qualitative analyses. The Hermeneutic Dialogue Analysis is introduced as a method to identify and examine these negotiation processes. In addition, content analytic methods are presented and preliminary results of the research project "Traditions of Historical Consciousness" are reported. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0002112


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Author Biography

Olaf Jensen, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut NRW

Olaf JENSEN, Diplom-Sozialwissenschaftler; geb. 1965 in Hamburg; nach dem Abitur Ausbildung zum Maschinenschlosser und Berufstätigkeit; Studium der Sozialwissenschaften in Hannover; seit 1997 Mitarbeiter im Forschungsprojekt "Tradierung von Geschichtsbewußtsein" am Psychologischen Institut der Universität Hannover unter der Leitung von Prof. Harald Welzer; Diplom 1999; z.Z. Dissertationsprojekt zu den Strukturmerkmalen des intergenerationellen Sprechens über die NS-Vergangenheit.



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