Socio-Psychological Reconstruction—Integration of Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods in Psychological Research on Conflict and Peace

Wilhelm Kempf, Wassilios Baros, Irena Regener


The present paper informs about the methodological approach of the Peace Research Group at the University of Constance (Germany) and deals with text-analytical methods in the context of constructive conflict transformation and conflict resolution. Giving priority to the subject matter of conflict research rather than to a specific methodological ideology, this approach aims at the integration of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. Accordingly, Socio-Psychological Reconstruction is not to be understood as a special technique of text analysis, but rather as a family of text-analytical methods which are linked to each other by a common theoretical basis and which represent a broad spectrum of methods that range from interpretative to content analytical techniques.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0002128


constructive conflict resolution; priority of subject matter; socio-psychological reconstruction; integration of quantitative and qualitative research; methodologies; text-analytical methods; latent style analysis


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