The "Forschungsstelle Qualitative Methoden" at the Heinrich Heine-University of Duesseldorf: Approaches towards Social Scientific Research on Psychotherapy

Andreas Stratkötter


Qualitative research within the Psychosomatic Department of the University of Duesseldorf is presented. The selection and development of qualitative methods suitable to our field is discussed, an overview of our research topics is given: narratives and self-descriptions in psychotherapeutic assessment interviews; improvisations within music therapy; experience of illness by endometriosis patients; perspectives on the development of a day-clinical psychosomatic treatment; development of a short-term outpatient treatment; medical superintendents' self-descriptions and descriptions by others; psychoanalystsŽ subjective theories on psychoanalytic indication and treatment.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0002250


qualitative interview; biographical interview; psychotherapy research; process research; grounded theory; content analysis; psychoanalysis; psychosomatics


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