The Interview as a Relational Space

Erhard Tietel


This text presents the difficulties encountered in an interview between two interviewers and an interviewee. It explains how the type of relation in the interview as well as the intervieweeŽs use of the relational space give vital heuristic hints to understand latent aspects of the subject under research. What happened in the process of this special interview was a reduction of the potentially triadic inter-relational space to the level of a closed dyadic relationship. The wide loss in the scope of action and the liberty of thinking sharpened the interviewers' attention for similar situations in the research field. This text explains ideas such as inter-relational space, the researcher's methodically managed analysis of his own experience and research supervision.
URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0002260


interview; qualitative methods; inter-subjectivity; relation; counter transference; scenic understanding; supervision; emotions; psychoanalysis


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