Qualitative Research in Canadian Psychology


  • David L. Rennie York University
  • Kimberly D. Watson York University
  • Althea Monteiro York University




qualitative research, Canadian psychology, sociology of knowledge


In response to the first author's e-mailed depiction of his situation as a qualitative researcher in a large Canadian department of psychology, Canadian qualitative researchers in several disciplines were invited to respond to questions about their situations. A thematic analysis of the replies revealed that psychologists in departments affiliated with the faculties of arts and science operate in greater isolation than do those with affiliated with a faculty of education. The analysis also indicated that the use of qualitative research in psychology lags behind its uptake in the other disciplines with which it was compared. Themes in terms of responsiveness to the needs of graduate students, departmental and institutional support, funding and scholarship are presented and discussed. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0002295


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Author Biographies

David L. Rennie, York University

David RENNIE (http://www.qualitative-research.net/fqs/beirat/rennie-e.htm) is a Professor of Psychology at York University, Toronto, Canada. His main research interests are in grounded theory methodology and its application to the client's experience of psychotherapy. He is author of "Person-centred counselling: An experiential approach" (1998), and co-editor of both "Psychotherapy process research: Paradigmatic and narrative approaches" (1992) and "Qualitative psychotherapy research: Methods and methodology" (forthcoming).

Kimberly D. Watson, York University

Kimberly WATSON is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at York University. Her research interests include qualitative methodology, the subjective experiences of qualitative researchers, and qualitative psychotherapy research with people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Althea Monteiro, York University

Althea MONTERIO is a M.A student in the Clinical Psychology Program at York University. Her main interests are cross-cultural psychology, and multicultural counselling.




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