The Art of Re-representing—Project Organization and the Production of 'Facts' at the Construction of "Potsdamer Platz"/Berlin

  • Gesine Bär Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin
Keywords: project organization, institutionalization, representation, practices, negotiated order, actor-networks


Set out to learn about the ordering of "Europe's biggest construction site", I focused on the problem of how it is possible to stabilize complex interaction networks across time and space. The cooperation of several investors to built a new train station exemplifies that an "objective" representation of the building process is not achieved. Thus, the production of "facts" becomes the main challenge for the investors in the closing phase of their cooperation. A final cost division between the investors can only take place if a stable project-representation is negotiated. The sociological analysis identifies the problem which arises when trying to couple diverse representations in an effort to institutionalize a complex project organization. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0001236


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Author Biography

Gesine Bär, Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin
Gesine BÄR ist Diplomsoziologin und arbeitet derzeit in der Forschungsgruppe "Public Health" am Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin. Ihre Interessenschwerpunkte liegen in den Bereichen Wissens- und Organisationssoziologie. Als Projekttutorin am Nordeuropa-Institut der Humboldt Universität Berlin beschäftigt sie sich außerdem mit dem Thema Die Konstruktion von Stadt: Stockholm und Berlin im Vergleich (