Paradoxes and Antinomies in the Professional Acting of Teachers


  • Karl Prokopp



difficulties of boundary, antinomies, paradoxes, learning processes, school-developmental research


Teachers continually experience boundaries in their work which are almost impossible to overcome. Particular acts, contradictory in themselves, hinder the development of pupils' learning processes. Differences in space, time and worlds of meaning lead again and again to false suppositions and to decisions and behavior which cannot be understood in the right way and which then result in failing interactions. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs0001297


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Author Biography

Karl Prokopp

Karl PROKOPP ist Studienrat und unterrichtete an verschiedenen Gesamtschulen und Gymnasien in Hessen. Er ist Doktorand bei Fritz Schütze und Rudolf Messner und beteiligte sich als assoziiertes Mitglied am Graduiertenkolleg "Schulentwicklung an Reformschulen" (1993-2000).



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